10 Best Yoga Poses for Fast Weight Loss & Flat Stomach

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1.Crescent core yoga sequence

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Stand straight and keep feet together, arms at sides and toes forward. Breathe in and raise both arms overhead. Reach all fingertips in the direction of ceiling. Breathe out and bend forward from your hips. Bring both hands to floor and bend knees for the maximum comfort. As you breathe out, step your right leg back into a lunge. You have to bend left knee about 90-degree and extend right leg and keep knee over ankle. The next step is to breathe in and raise both arms overhead. You can look forward and hold for a few seconds. Return to the initial position and repeat this process.

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2. Bridge Pose

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Lie on back, fold knees, and keep feet at hip distance apart. Make sure that your ankles and knees are in the straight line. Keep arms beside the physique and palms facing down? Breathe in gently and life back off the floor gradually. Roll in shoulders and use your chin to touch the chest. Do not bring chin down. Use your feet, arms and shoulders to support the overall weight of the body. Keep both thighs parallel to each other. Breathe gently and hold the position for a few minutes. Get back to the starting position. You will get the best support from this exercise to reduce your weight.

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3. Frog Pose

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Lie down on belly and take hands back. Grab feet while bending knees upward. Breathe in when you lift chest and squeeze both shoulders towards each other. Keep heels touch hips and hold feet by toes. Hold this position for a minute and get back to the initial position. If you do this yoga pose day after day, then you can improve the posture and stimulates the overall abdominal organs. This exercise stretches both the chest and abdomen. People who do this yoga on a regular basis can reduce their unhealthy weight. They recommend this yoga for people who seek how to be slim.

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4. Bow Pose

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Lie on the floor and keep your belly touches the ground. Rest hands beside torso and keep palms facing up. Breathe out and bend knees so as to keep heels close to buttocks. Take hands back and clasp ankles. Keep knees with hip width apart. Breathe in and life heels away from buttocks. Lift thighs away from the flooring. Press shoulder blades against back. You have to open chest and look forward. Do not stop breathing in this pose. Keep this position for at least 20 seconds and return to the starting position while breathe out. This yoga poses aid in weight loss.

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5. Locust Pose

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Lie on your belly and keep both arms rested at the side of your body. Keep palms facing up and forehead gets the complete rest on the floor. Turn big toes on the way to each other and firm buttocks as maximum as possible. Lift your head, arms, legs and upper torso away from the ground while exhaling. Firm heels and legs and make sure that all big toes turned towards each other. The next step is to raise arms and keep them parallel to ground. Stretch arms through fingertips and push arms on the way to ceiling. Look forward and keep the back neck erect. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds. You can exhale now and return to the starting position.

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6. Yoga Camel Pose

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This is the most excellent yoga for weight loss as it targets the thighs, back and belly. Further, it also assists in opening up the lungs, chest and enhancing flexibility of abdomen, neck and chest. Perform this yoga pose for strengthening your back muscles and motivating the thyroid gland. Sit on your feet by means of your calves and knees close together. Now, place your hands resting on your hips and extending out the torso and gaze above. You can sense your weight in arms and remain in this position meant for 30 seconds and return to the primary state.

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7. Yoga Locust Pose

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This Locust pose is also called as Salabhasana that is measured as the best asana for weight loss. It makes you to stretch your entire body right as of the thorax to the abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back. It is one of the most excellent yoga poses for losing weight and flexibility that aids in improving the strength. Further, it also increases the suppleness of your arms, back and legs. This kind of yoga pose will decrease the fats near your hips and extend your leg muscles. This workout makes you to stretch your chest, shoulders and belly in an effective manner.

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8. Yoga Cobbler’s Pose

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It is an easy and simple to do yoga pose for weight loss. Newbies can also perform this cobbler’s pose in a perfect way. This asana tones your lower division of the body by motivating the organs and abdominal muscles. In addition, it also extends your inner thighs, groin and knees. It also assists in treating asthma, anxiety, depression and infertility. It is one of the simplest and useful poses of yoga. Keep your spine in a straight line and sit down. Bent your knees and your feet soles need to face each other. Press your feet soles together and grip this yoga pose for a minute.

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9. Yoga Bridge Pose

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It is a wonderful yoga pose that cuts out fat to tone your abdomen and strengthen your abdominal muscles all along with the spine and hip flexors. Further, it also tones your leg muscles and arms. It encourages the kidneys, thyroid glands and aids in digestion. It is one of the best yoga workouts for neck pain. This yoga pose enhances your muscle strength in high range. You can also include a variation to this yoga pose. You want to perform this exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute for better results. It is important that you have to breathe normally while doing this yoga pose.

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10. Boat Pose

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This is the best mat exercise for toning your abs. Stretch out your legs by sitting down on a mat. You should not pull your knees and keep your thighs in a tight position. Your toes want to be pointed out. After that, you have to life your feet off the land surface and fetch your legs in the direction of a 45-degree angle. While raising your feet, you have to inhale normally and avoid curving your knees. Keep your spine in straight and lift your arms towards the shoulder level. This kind of yoga pose will improve your stamina and also eradicate tummy fat.


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