10 of the Best Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Our friends at The Health Nerd have also made an awesome video on this topic, so make sure to check it out: 6 Best Weight Loss Tips Backed by Science

I think most people are pretty surprised when they hear that. After the endless barrage by the media to eat less and less and less, it’s hard to imagine.

It’s like the media expects women to get thin by eating nothing but kale leaves and water.

That’s crap.

The more you eat of the RIGHT foods, the easier and more sustainable weight loss becomes.

You can learn all about this from the critically acclaimed book: Eat To Live: The Amazing Nutrient Rich Book for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss.


Here are 10 of the foods you need to be eating for weight loss:

1. Grapefruit

Virtually zero calories and a terrific way to start your morning. Grapefruit also contains pectin, which has been shown to curb cravings leading to easier sustained weight loss.

Just cut open and enjoy. Watch your eyes though…

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