10 Plants You Need To Grow If You’re Suffering From Depression, Stress, Or Anxiety

Ward off the blues with a backyard filled with stress-relieving, energizing plants for eating and aromatherapy.

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We all deal with stress at some point in time, and there are various methods of dealing with it, such as through exercise or speaking out. One highly effective method that can help both your physical and mental health is through changing the plants you eat and surround yourself with. Eating, smelling, and growing certain plants may greatly impact your general well-being. Plants like peppermint and lavender, among many others, can alter your stress levels. Here are 8 plants to fill your home with.

1. Peppermint

plants to reduce stress

According to a German study, peppermint (its essential oil in particular) is effective in relieving tension headaches. While another study conducted by Wheeling Jesuit University, found that peppermint can actually lower frustration and boost alertness.


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