10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Permanently

Weight Loss

Diet, exercise, supplements, all can work for your effective weight loss. But, what if you are not willing to go for any of it? Then some natural science backed ways to lose weight permanently can do wonders for you!

A lot has been written over the internet about weight loss, some of that information is true while other is quite questionable as it is not based on any actual study or science. Even though there are several diet plans, exercise regimens, weight loss supplements, etc. are available over the internet, there still are some natural ways to lose weight that has actually proven to work and are also backed by the science.

Here we bring you 10 simple ways to lose weight permanently, which are thoughtfully backed by the science research or study.

1. Add Protein To Your Diet

Believe it or not, but protein is the king of nutrients that help in losing weight naturally. While digesting protein your body tends to burn a lot of calories, thus including a protein rich food in your diet will boost your metabolism. This will also help in burning up to 80 to 100 more calories on daily basis.

Additionally, a high protein diet can make you feel fuller for a longer period and will also reduce your appetite. Only having a high protein breakfast of eggs can have a great effect on your weight.

Protein rich foods


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