15 Foods You Should Never Eat First Thing in the Morning

Are you the type to grab the nearest thing you can find for breakfast before heading off to work? Are your breakfasts usually something along the lines of buttered toast, sugary cereal, or… just a single cup of coffee when you’re really pressed for time? We’ve all been there and done that. Unfortunately, a lot of our eating habits in the morning are far from healthy. Many of our choices are poor, even if we think we’re doing our bodies and our energy levels a favour. You’d be surprised just how bad we’re treating our bodies (and our kid’s bodies) first thing in the morning.

From bananas to bacon, find out what makes your body suffer each morning. Check out our list of 15 foods you should never eat at breakfast.

Flavoured yoghurt

Many people don’t realise that yoghurt is not exactly “low carb” if they’re getting the stuff from the supermarket. Check the ingredients list closely and you might find sugar and sweeteners to be very high on the list. And that’s just in plain yoghurt! Imagine the sugar content in the flavoured stuff! These yoghurts can contain more sugar than your regular soft drink. Even worse, those that claim to be “light” or “low sugar” might use artificial sweeteners instead, which tend to cause your body to heighten your cravings for sweets!


Talk about way too much sugar! Bananas may seem like a great choice for breakfast — it’s starchy, and will probably give you plenty of energy to last you until lunchtime. While it’s true that it provides plenty of energy, it certainly won’t last you until the afternoon! High-GI and high in simple sugars, your body will burn off this energy in no time, and leave you feeling even hungrier than before. If you want to eat sugar-heavy fruits in the morning, make sure to combine them with protein sources like nuts, to slow down the digestion process.

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