6 Dangerous Foods You Should Never Eat


Everyone knows the foods that are healthy and those that are not, right? Yet, there are still a lot of those foods on the store shelves that are being advertised as the “healthy option”, but really are far for being a decent choice. In fact, some of the worst offenders are filled with ingredients that, on top of being unhealthy, keep those inches on your waistline and won’t let you take off those extra pounds. There are still other foods that, although they actually are healthy, they are simply too dangerous to consider eating. There are dozens of foods which would make this list and it might be hard to avoid them, but let’s take a look at just the top 20 dangerous foods that you should never eat and remove from your diet if you care at all about your health.

1.Tomato Sauce

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Tomatoes themselves are very good for you, loaded with vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A. Although it might seem easy to pick up a can or bottle of tomato sauce for your pasta dinner, what’s actually in that container might surprise you.

What else besides tomatoes does tomato sauce have, you might be asking? Great question.

Commercially produced tomato sauce is loaded with refined sugars. Read the label. Some brand of tomato sauce list corn syrup as the second ingredient! More than likely, you already have too much sugar in your diet; surely you don’t need it in your tomato sauce. Many tomato sauces also contain sodium.

Besides the health issues, a bottle of tomato sauce typically runs about 2-4 dollars for 12 ounces. Fresh tomatoes can often be found for a dollar a pound. It’s so easy to make your own, fresh tomato sauce at home!

It’s a healthier, as well as much more inexpensive option to make your own.

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