8 Ways To Lose 8 Pounds In The Next 8 Days : WeightLoss

4. Break Up With Your Inner Critic

“Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.” — Charles F. Glassman
Which statement below most resonates with you?

“Losing weight is effortless and easy for me.”

“Losing weight is hard, time consuming, and it never works for me”.
If it’s the latter, become aware of your inner critic sabotaging your results.

Your inner critic is the voice in your head that tells you:

You are not good enough
You are not pretty enough
You are not smart enough
You are not worthy of having a rocking body

Your inner critic is designed to keep you small, and where you are now. The inner critic HATES growth, change, and self actualization.

You are not your inner critic.

Your inner critic is not you.

It is the programmed voice that tells you not to follow your dreams, and not create the life you want.

It tells you why you should not do this, that or the other thing.

It just “shoulds” everywhere — and leaves a giant mess.

Don’t listen to it and relentlessly pursue your goal.

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