Top 10 Foods Men Over 40 Must Eat For Their Overall Health

4. Green Tea

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The health benefits of tea are well documented. Their antioxidant properties help fight diseases. Green tea being the least processed contains the maximum amounts of Catechin, a particularly potent antioxidant. Regular consumption of green tea has been found to be beneficial for BP, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and strokes. A study by the Harvard Medical School, Brigman, confirmed that green tea can reduce BP slightly, total cholesterol and a marker of chronic inflammation which is linked to cardiovascular diseases. Another review of Japanese studies published in the journal ofNutrition highlighted the benefits of green tea against strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Consumption of green tea has also been linked to protection against stomach and esophageal cancer. A study in China established that men who drank green tea regularly were less prone to prostate cancer.


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